Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is scheduled, routine maintenance to keep equipment running at optimal condition, preventing downtime and emergency repairs, which saves our clients’ money.

At BPI Mechanical Service, we are able to customize plans to our clients’ individual needs in maintaining their HVAC and refrigeration equipment.
The Benefits of a
BPI Mechanical Service Agreement:

  1. Extended lifespan of equipment
  2. Decreased surprise costly repairs and emergency calls (no downtime)
  3. Improved air quality
  4. Increased energy efficiency
  5. Safer premises due to routine monitoring
  6. Priority status on service calls

Our Maintenance Contract Options

Service plans to fit all equipment and budgetary needs

Includes quarterly site visits to inspect equipment.  Filters and belts are changed at each visit.  Any system deficiencies are reported and any necessary repairs are price quoted for approval and performed as needed.

This extended coverage contract covers quarterly site visits and filter changes.  All maintenance work, repair labor and parts are covered in one monthly invoice.  This plan eliminates service call costs and allows budgeting of all HVAC costs into one flat rate.

Much like the Tier 2 extended coverage contract, this option allows customers to easily forecast and budget their HVAC costs over the course of several years.  In addition to repairs being included in the flat monthly rate, it includes the cost of entire equipment replacement when required at no additional cost to the customer.

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